I spent Thanksgiving weekend with family in San Francisco. My cousin Bob and his family hosted me at his house on Wednesday and Thursday. I was thankful to be spending Thanksgiving with family instead of by myself in a hotel.

The weekend got me thinking of all I had to be thankful for this year. Even though it has been a trying year with the house fire, I was thankful for all the things it brought me I might not otherwise had. I was thankful for all the love and support I received from. Unfortunately it takes an event like that sometimes to make you realize how lucky you are when life has dragged you down over the years.  I could go on an on about how transformative that fire was to making me a better person, but it would be a book worth of writing. Maybe someday.

Thanksgiving was great and Bob and Jessica cook a great meal and were great hosts.

My cousin Jenny and her husband Bill hosted me on Friday and Saturday. Friday was spent biking around town and seeing the sights such as Golden Gate park, the Grateful Dead house among other things.

We started Saturday with a hike and then I ventured into the city to find a Badger bar to watch the sorry excuse for a football game before doing some hopping around in the evening on my own at some craft breweries and cocktail hangouts.

I drove down the coastal highway Sunday to San Luis Obispo to work for the week at our branch here. The Coastal Highway as magnificent. I stopped many times along the coast to take in the fresh ocean air and the stunning cliffs. It was truly and amazing sight and worth taking the extra time to drive this route.

After San Luis Obispo the plan is to start my way back to Wisconsin over the course of 3 weeks setting up in a hotel and working during the week and taking 3-4 days weekend. My probable stops are Zion National Park, Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon and Denver.

San Francisco – https://photos.app.goo.gl/XYS8MDNrFvQuDLq37

Coastal Highway to San Luis Obispo – https://photos.app.goo.gl/R396A69QSwJncy4m8

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  1. I love the thought of the fire being transformational for you, Bart! Like a Phoenix literally rising from the ashes!

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