I drove from my campsite in Humboldt Redwoods to Eureka, California on Sunday, November 21st. I worked during the day and explored some craft beer at night. On my to Eureka I stopped at a drive thru redwood tree which was an interesting site.

I departed Eureka on Tuesday on my way to San Francisco to spend Thanksgiving weekend with my cousins. I spent 2 days driving down the coastal highway on my way to San Francisco with an overnight stop in Fort Bragg. I wanted to use 2 days to take this drive so I could drive during the day and admire the coast. The drive was beautiful with a clear and sunny sky and I stopped many times to take in the view and take pictures. The road contained my twists and turns and was a fun drive in my car,  I definitely would not want to this in the mini van or at night.  It was worth going out the way to take the coastal highway and I am glad my friend Kerra gave me the suggestion. I will be spending the weekend here and am exited to be able to spend Thanksgiving with family and see the city.

Eureka, CA and Drive Thru Redwood – https://photos.app.goo.gl/CE4wM6RY4Qe7aJhRA

Coastal Highway Part 1 – Eureka to San Francisco – https://photos.app.goo.gl/3vqkZsQSpwpWNxQ28

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