On Tuesday, November 1st I heard from the repair center that my car would be ready in a day or 2 so I decided to get a On Tuesday, November 1st I heard from the repair center that my car would be ready in a day or 2 so I decided to get a hotel in Corvallis, Oregon since it was about an hour away from the repair center and I had not been there before. It rained for most my time there as it had been most of the last 3 weeks. The rain was pretty symbolic as I had lost my zen state I had the first leg of my trip being cooped up in hotels for so many days. I must admit I was feeling a bit homesick and longed for my house to be done and really needed a vacation from my vacation. I had only been on a few hikes and a single bike ride the last 3 weeks and really needed more outdoor time. If my car had been ready I would have headed to California weeks go to better weather, but that was not in the cards until my car was ready.

I did have a beautiful view from my hotel and the days in Corvallis were spent catching up on work and I found some excellent breweries and cider at night.

The song Fast Car by Tracey Chapman got stuck in my head as the anticipation of getting my car back grew. I called daily to check on the status and finally heard it would done on Thursday morning. I arrived at Silverton Auto Body on Thursday around 11. They did an awesome job on my car and it looked like new. Thank You! It took me a half our or so to get all my belongings and roof rack transferred to my car and of course it was raining and I got soaked, but i was finally back in my car and on the road.

I drove down Interstate 5 and chatted with some of the contractors about my house and worked out some details of my brewery and wiring for the house.

It was so nice having my car back. It is so much funnier and easier to drive on the highway with all its technology and sporty featured than the mini van. This stretch of the highway was beautiful and I  had driven it down to Medford a couple weeks ago. I had distinct memories of driving slower in the minivan around the winding corners around the mountain that my car handled way better. With all my self driving tech I was able to enjoy the views much more than in the minivan

I crossed the border to California around 4:30 and the rain stopped right about as I crossed and the sun came out. I had a beautiful view of Mt Shasta for this portion of the drive. I decided to stop at Mt Shasta brewing to try a flight and take a driving break. It had been recommended to me along my journey. They had some unique beers.

I got back on I5 and continued my journey. I had started the day with thoughts of getting to Sacramento but began to grow tired as I approached 8 hours in the road. I decided to get a hotel in Redding, California to get some rest for the night before heading to Sacramento. I stopped at 4 breweries in Sacramento. Cedar Crest brewing was easily my favorite of the 4.

I got a late checkout at my hotel and need to leave at noon and am then heading to Sacramento. I would like to get some biking in on Saturday and am flying out on early Sunday morning to meet my family in Siesta Key, Florida for 4 days.

So happy to finally have my car back

Full Photo Albums

Corvallis, Oregon – https://photos.app.goo.gl/9fY3Mx8AbuawohrH7

Repaired Car – Silverton, Oregon – https://photos.app.goo.gl/D5tPqi5QocJd1SeYA

Sacramento, California – https://photos.app.goo.gl/Ytqg9UzsnLe43V3D7


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