It has been raining most of the time since I left Eugene.

I spent the 22nd to the 25th in the Medford and Ashland Oregon area, mostly working in my hotel during the day and exploring wine, cider and beer in the evening.

The 25th to the 28th was spent in Salem Oregon, same thing as Medford working during the day and exploring at night.

I arrived in Bend, Oregon in the evening of Thursday, October 28th.

The week consisted of some hikes during the day, a wine tasting and visiting craft beers.

Friday I explored the Tumalo Falls trail, which was a pretty flat trail with a beautiful waterfall at the end. Saturday started off with the Badger vs Iowa Stage game, then taking an easy hike near the city at the Deschutes River Trail. It was amazing having a trail this beautiful right in the middle of the city. Sunday I took the drive out to Smith Rock Stage park. This was a stunning trail. The hike up was extremely steep, but the views at the top were worth it. I saw some people scaling the Monkey Face when I was at the top of the trail and was amazed by the skill and effort it must take to climb it.

My car is going to be done either late Tuesday the 2nd  or Early Wednesday the 3rd , so it looks like im heading to a hotel in Salem Tuesday to get some work done and hopefully drive away with my car early Wednesday.

I originally had camping reservation at Redwoods forest on Wednesday, but the forecast calls for heavy rain. Right now I have no idea where I am going next. I know I need to be in Sacramento, California on Saturday evening to prepare to fly  to Florida to meet my family for a few days. I might try to grab a hotel for a couple days near Redwood to get a hike in between storms, or Lassen Volcanic National Park depending on where it will be raining.  We shall see what Wednesday morning brings.

Ill still have a lot of breweries to stop by in Bend tonight and ill upload those pictures later on.

Bend Area –

Tumalo Falls –

Deschutes River Trail –

Smith Rock Stage Park –

Rosenberg, Medford and Ashland, OR –

Salem, OR –

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