On Monday October 18th, I stuck around my hotel in Newport until noon before making a couple stops on my way to Eugene.

My first stop was about 20 minutes north of Newport at the Yaquina Head Marine garden. This area featured some tide pools and nice views of the coast along with a lighthouse. I was even lucky enough to see a whale that had been hanging out along the coast for the week that the host at the visitor center told me about. I was only able to get a small glimpse of the while when it would surface for air and flip its tail out of the water, but it was still interesting.

It was a sunny day with minimal clouds the tide pool was interesting with its rocky shore and crashing waves that added some nice acoustic sounds to the air

After spending some time at the marine garden, I drove 10 minutes to the Devil’s punchbowl. This area was a nice visual and interesting view. I took some photos and video before getting on the road to Eugene.

Most of week in Eugene was spent in my hotel during the day catching up on work and trying to teach myself some virtual reality programming. I would venture to the different breweries, tap houses and wineries in the evening.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I saw Phish on the college campus at Mathew Knight Arena. I meet some cool people on Tuesday at a Phish pre party at one of the breweries and we had a great time pre partying before the shows before parting ways at the arena to go to our seats.

The Tuesday show was amazing. I am not sure if it was me or the band that had a lack of energy Wednesday but still had a good time.

Oregon is going to be hit with bomb cyclone this weekend, which is really putting a damper on my plans. Usually I would still try to get some hiking in the rain, but it going to rain pretty hard and could be potential flooding. I decided I am going to head down to the Medford and Ashland area for the weekend for a change of scenery. After that I am not sure. I know I am going to Bend on Thursday thru Tuesday, but not sure what lies in between. My long term plans look like I am going to the Redwoods after Bend, then fly to Florida where my family has rented a condo rescheduled due to COVID last year.

Unfortunately the rain that has been on and off the last week and upcoming week has put a real damper on my plans and not let me explore Oregon as much as I would have liked. It looks like my car should be ready at the end of next week or at the worst early the worst the following Monday before I head to California

Full Albums

Eugene – https://photos.app.goo.gl/2qPw7xeYDSZzMw1B7

Oregon Coast – Yaquina and Devil’s Punchbowl – https://photos.app.goo.gl/zcTLEKF5E2gAUMnEA


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