Thursday 10/7
After some work in the morning at my hotel I checked out and headed to the Japanese Gardens downtown. This is a nice place with some beautiful gardens. It was a bit busy with people but still a nice visit with many interesting sites.  Afterwards I checked out some local breweries and tap houses. Each of my stops had friendly bartenders, but the one that sticks out was at Three Mugs Brewing. The woman tending bar was very friendly and we had some great conversation. When I mentioned I was from Wisconsin she even gave me a Packer koozie that she had knitted herself and sells on the side! Very friendly place. I found a hotel late that night

Friday 10/8
I woke up Friday liking the room I had found. It was at an Embassy Suites in Hillsboro, a western suburb of Portland. It was a nice multi room suite for pretty cheap. I think I might setup here for a bit and work next week to pad my sabbatical time. I also found a bike trail 20 minutes away. I had not been on my bike since I flew back from Wisconsin. I parked at the trail head in Manning, OR and got my bike out of the van. The liked this trail. It had a very Pacific Northwest feel with the ferns, spruce trees and mossy areas and even people riding horses. The pine needles on the path made for a nice visual as I coasted thru the forest. The trail was mostly uphill the first half and the middle of it had a pretty good climb with a series of switchbacks, I was about to get off my bike and walk the climb was so steep, but reached the top before my stamina ran out.  The trail ended in the town of Vernonia, Oregon which reminded me of many rural Wisconsin towns I have found on our bike trails. Some deer were just hanging out near the trail head. I found a place to grab a beverage before heading back. The bartender was an …. Interesting character. He was wearing an Aaron Rodgers jersey and even had an Aaron Rodger tattoo on his hand. He started talking about spending time in prison and I definitely got way more information that I wanted. I left after having an alcoholic root beer and a shot of Jameson. I made a pretty good pace back, especially on the downhill 2nd half. I stopped at a couple craft beer places a delicious dinner at the ABV Public House with also featured a large tap collection.

Saturday 10/9
I went to sleep Saturday planning on driving to do some hiking, but wasn’t feeling particularly motivated in the morning and decided to take it easy and then go out to watch Badger vs Illinois game at 12:30. I found a sport bar with many tv’s and ordered a bloody mary. Again as in Washington no beer chaser was offered so I went to order a hefeweizen to compliment the bloody mary. Now this was weird, I was told it was illegal in Oregon to have 2 drinks at once! Really?? Ok. The bloody was pretty good and I ordered a beer after I was finished, no need to get the bartender arrested! I left not to far into the 4th quarter when our victor was assured. I  stopped at some tap houses and called in an early night watching tv in my hotel and relaxing.

Sunday 10/10
I sat in my hotel planning my next part of my trip and catching up on work. For some reason I have not been feeling that motivated the last few days. I got some biking and hiking in, but not as much as I have been the first part of my trip. This is partially due to the sporadic rain during the day that makes it hard to plan an outdoor activity. I had planned on hitting the coast, but it looks like rain most of the week. I also have to start being conscious of how much vacation time I have remaining and pad that out a bit, I am guessing my house wont be ready until mid-December. My car should be ready around 28th, and I am going to Bend for 5 days after that. So. I think my plan is to work all week from this hotel room, maybe make an audible if the weather outlook changes to spend some time on the coast. If anyone has any ideas for some indoor activities between Portland, the coast and Eugene I am all ears. The rain outlook is at least 50% for the next 2 weeks. I am also toying with the idea of flying somewhere for a week. We shall see. The plan for the rest of the day is to go out for some craft beer and dinner later in the afternoon.

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