I woke up on Sunday, October 3rd to another cold morning. I had used up all my firewood the prior evening, so I laid in bed a bit thinking about what to do to my day to keep warm.

Sadia had mentioned Hood River as a great town to visit. I was looking to explore the Columbia River area and had been indecisive about where to stay, so Hood River it is. After booking a hotel I started to explore what I could do before checking into my hotel

I found an easy trail on my way to Hood River. Sadie had also mentioned that abondance of vineyards in the area, and I had not done a wine tasting this trip, so that sounded like a great idea. There were many wineries on the way to Hood River, but choosing one was easy when I saw the name Grateful Winery. Their site mentioned needed reservations, so I made one for 2 o’clock. I eventually got motivated and packed up my car minivan and drove past the lake on my way out to take a picture.

I arrived at the Tamanawas Falls trailhead around noon to do the easy 3.8 mile hike. I figured I had just enough time to get the hike in before my 2 O’clock winery reservation. This trail was pretty easy and I gained 600 feet of elevation on my 1.9 mile hike to the waterfall. The last half mile did get more rugged and I also needed to do some actual climbing of rocks near the end.

The waterfall was a spectacular sight and there was a misting in the air from the falling water. I took in the sights for a bit and realized I should get moving to make my reservation. I crossed the rocks over a small stream as I began to return and lost my footing on an unstable rock. Damnit, one of my hiking boots was soaked.

This was the second time I had mis-stepped in water this trip, I think the first time was on the Ho Rainforest. I had actually started carrying a 2nd set of socks for this occasion. I also listen to Towelie and always bring a towel and was able to dry my boot off enough for a pretty dry walk back.

I arrived at my van and realized I was running a little late for my wine tasting appointment and knew from their website they will cancel your reservation if you are more than 15 minutes late. I had no internet so no navigation but remembered the single turn I would have to make off the highway for the winery, but did not know my ETA. The road had many turns so it was difficult to pick up my speed and make up time.

I arrived at the Grateful Winery at 2:15, just enough time to make my reservation. I was greeted by the host who gave my options for the day of a single flight of wine, cider and beer or a 3 course flight and food pairing. I obviously choose the later so I could take in the full experience. The tasting area was amazing. It sat in the footsteps of Mt Hood and the winery offered a beautiful view of the mountain on this clear day.

I was first brought a rosa that was delicious with a welcoming aroma that was paired with a peach gazpacho that had some sort of nut in it and tasted similar to a peach cobbler. It was delicious.

Now time for the first course which consisted of an apple, peach, blackberry and cranberry cider paired with an Albacore Tuna poke bowl. I do not normally like tuna but it was delicious and paired nicely with the delicious ciders. My favorite was the Golden Row apple cider and I am definitely taking some home.

 The 2nd course was the wine course. This consisted for 4 wines. A different rosa, a pinot grigio, a Riesling and a pinot noir. This was paired with a charcuterie board with cheeses, smoked meats, fresh bread, plums, peaches, and apples. Everything was delicious. The pairing was well thought out and complimented each other well. This was one of the best charcuterie boards I had ever had, and the wines made it that much better.

Now time for the 3rd and final course consisting of a flight of their beers and this amazing pizza which contained bacon, gorgonzola and mozzarella cheese, pears, caramelized onions and was topped with a touch of balsamic dressing and arugula. As I was marveling at this amazing looking pizza their brew master brought out a flight of 4 beers; a Czech pilsner, American hefeweizen, a hazy and an IPA. We chatted for a bit about brewing, and he also clued me in on some must see breweries while I am in Oregon.

I need to start getting more pizzas with fruit on them and be more adventurous, the pizza and beers were amazing. I could only eat about half of it after the prior courses and asked for a box to take the rest for later. I grabbed some bottles of the rosa and the Golden Row Cider to take home and then visited their small market of fresh apples, pears and other fruits.

The drive to my hotel was only 20 minutes away and I was treated to a magnificent view of Mt Saint Helens as I approached the Hood River. I had gotten a room with a view of the river and was glad I did. After getting settled I went out and visited some local breweries. One of the breweries, Full Sail brewing had an interesting flight design shaped like a sail.

After some beers I went back to my hotel to start researching what to the next couple days. I think ill take a down day Monday to get caught up on work before adventuring out more

TLDR: Hiked up another waterfall, visited a winery near Mt Hood for a 3-course tasting. Staying in Hood River, Oregon a few days.

Full Photo Album – https://photos.app.goo.gl/yJi6v7mTQkqxSjsw5


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