I woke up to rain on Saturday and did some trip planning. I decided I wanted to stop and see the coastal area, then get a hotel in Olympia for a couple days before heading to Mount Rainier.

As I drove down the highway to visit Ruby Beach, I saw a sign that said Tsunami evacuation route pointing in the opposite direction. Oh noes, if a Tsunami comes I’m heading in the wrong direction and will be in major trouble. Let hope the day is Tsunami free!

I arrived at the Ruby Beach parking lot and put on my rain gear, the rain was very light and didn’t bother me at all. The beach was beautiful even in the rain. The tide was low and the views on the beach were great. I took in the vastness of the sea and filled my lungs with the fresh ocean air.

I drove a few miles down the road to another area called simply beach #4. I sat on a wooden bridge and admired the sea. The waves were crashing against the rocky outcrop and sounded like rumbling thunder all around me. I admired the misty ocean shore in the light rain. The tide pools slowly disappeared as the tide rose against the shore.

I then drove 2 hours to Olympia and got to a sports bar right as the Badger game was kicking off, Kickoff was at 4 O’clock. I still cant get used to these strange kickoff times on the west coast. The game was a blowout and I watched the 2nd half at my hotel and figured out what to do in the area.

After the game was over I went out for some local craft beer. I sat outside at the last place I stopped and grabbed an oatmeal stout which was delicious and left me wanting something sweet to balance it out. Suddenly to my surprise a cupcake fairy appearance. She had been celebrating her 16th Birthday down the road with friends and and was walking down the street handing out her leftover cupcakes from the party. It was the perfect end to the day

I will be spending the next day in Olympia and probably head to Mount Rainer afterwards

Kalaloch Coast and Ruby Beach Photo Album – https://photos.app.goo.gl/1ZWDT3LyVz5Nku3F9

Olympia Photo Album – https://photos.app.goo.gl/34cu3KEiqvdRP7b88


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  1. I’m glad to see that you took the rain in the spirit of a northwest native. Dress appropriately and go! Nature is a different kind of beautiful in the rain.

    1. It was great Todd, I think I have a pretty good layering and rain gear system going. It served me well on Mount Rainier.

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