After some contemplating, I decided I was going to drive up to Burlington, Washington to do some biking, hiking and kayaking. Before leaving Seattle I wanted to take in a few more sights. I stopped at the Seattle REI and to do some shopping and stock up on supplies. It was an huge store and puts Madison’s to shame. I then remembered being told about Discovery Park which was also near a laundromat that I needed to visit before I left. Discovery Park was awe inspiring. I hiked thru the well maintained trails and eventually ended up on the beach. I got a huge smile in my face and an almost overwhelming feeling of happiness when I put my feet in the Pacific Ocean for the first time. I couldn’t imagine this is where my life would take me 6 months ago in the aftermath of the fire. The views of the mountains on the beach were awe inspiring, The sky was clear which allowed you to see Mt Rainier to the south. I ended up staying for much longer than I thought I would while I picked some wild berries and enjoyed life on the beach. I hiked about 5 miles total before doing some laundry and driving to Burlington.

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